Improve your performance with Metabolic Testing

Human Performance

Our performance tests can be completed on a stationary bike, treadmill, rowing machine, Stairmaster, or any other stationary equipment with a measurable outcome in speed or wattage. The initial test includes a detailed written analysis as well as a follow-up discussion to interpret your data. Periodical repeat assessments are highly recommended.

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VO2max and Ventilatory Thresholds

An excellent initial evaluation of overall fitness level and performance potential. By measuring maximum oxygen intake and ventilatory thresholds, athletes can create targeted training plans based on oxygen utilization and heart rate/ pace/ and power.

Metabolic Efficiency

By combining oxygen consumption and lactate measurements, athletes gain valuable insight into endurance capacity. Results help specialize endurance training, competition paces and identify metabolic efficiency in fat utilization.

Resting Metabolic Efficiency

This test looks at the body’s efficiency at rest or in recovery. Specifically, athletes are able to pinpoint their fat/carbohydrate utilization ratio and resting metabolic rate (RMR).

Lactate Profile

The Lactate profile is a key predictor of endurance performance potential. Athletes rely on this “gold standard” to build optimal training intensities and track training effectiveness for steady-state events such as cycling, cross-country skiing, rowing, speed skating, triathlons and running races.

Identify Your Unique Zones

Rather than relying on solely heart rate and perceived rates of effort, we will help you identify your distinctive zones using additional various objective metrics such as ventilatory effort, O2usage, CO2 output, and carbohydrate and fat utilization. Empowered with accurate and scientifically derived zones, you can feel confident that you’ll get the most out of your training regiment.


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cardiovascular fitness
respiratory capacity and capability
breathing and cognition
breathing and stability
fat burning efficiency
metabolic efficiency
mechanical efficiency

Discover Your Respiratory Limitations

Using the most advanced technologies, we can look for hindrances within your unique respiratory system. Whether you live with limitations relating to strength/power, endurance, or coordination/technique, we can help you boost your respiratory function and create profound improvements in your athletic performance and everyday life.