Treatments and testing designed to optimize life.


We live in an age where science intersects medicine in novel and fantastic ways. At Kensho Well-being, we use intravenous techniques to work with clients to obtain their goals. We believe the fountain of youth is at our fingertips, meaning it’s possible to lower one’s effective age by 5 years with detailed personalized programs following the breakthrough science focused on the work of Harvard geneticist, David Sinclair. Our lab monitors progress and allows our team to adjust therapies, according to each client’s needs. We also have developed a groundbreaking weight loss program that staves off cravings and allows the patient to focus on data-driven nourishment goals.

Testing and Consultation

BASIC Check Up

The most common set of comprehensive panels ordered by your doctor during most annual physicals

COMPREHENSIVE Wellness Testing

Go beyond the normal doctor's office test and take your health seriously with a quantifiable and easily repeatable health optimization profile


This lab panel goes above and beyond comprehensive testing and has more than 3 times the biomarkers from your doctor's annual physical lab testing

PREMIUM Concierge Service Testing

The most comprehensive and exclusive diagnostic testing available in the healthcare marketplace

Metabolic Testing

Using the most advanced technologies, we can lookfor hindrances within your unique respiratory system


Weight Loss

Our safe, personalized weight loss therapy is carefully crafted for you

Longevity Therapy

Increase your longevity with NAD+ and Metformin

In-Home Concierge Medicine

We offer a variety of in-home medical services; let us come to you!