After Party Recovery

The lights have come on and the revelry has exacted its revenge. You had a big night and need help putting the pieces back together. It happens to the best of us, we can help. Our Well-being proprietary blend will get you back on your feet and feeling ready to face the new day with vim and vigor. If you are too bad to make it in, we can come to you. Ask about our house call options. 

IV Zofran

Hospital-grade anti-nausea medication that works instantly. Waking up and still feeling spun? Zofran will take the nausea away.

IV Pepcid

Stops excessive production of stomach acid.

IV Toradol

Strong anti-inflammatory medication that relieves body aches and headaches. Combine instant hydration with an effective, and immediate, anti-inflammatory, and the deep head throbbing will disappear! 

B12 + Vitamin B Complex (1235,6)

  • Increases formation of myelin
  • Reduces homocysteine
  • Increases replication of DNA
  • Promotes hormonal efficiency
  • Produces red blood cells
  • Prevents auto-immune diseases in certain populations


Reduces total body inflammation.

IV Hydration

Get hydrated quickly and effectively. Unless you’re a camel you will not be able to hydrate as efficiently as a direct influx of our “Truckee River” rehydration bag. Whether being at altitude has got you down or a big night is reaping its reward, combatting dehydration has never been easier.

$225 – $275

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