Ketamine Therapy Testimonials

Ketamine therapy works for many people.
“I had been experiencing and was diagnosed with severe signs and symptoms of PTSD from a job related incident. I was heads down and kept pushing through it all. I thought I was doing ok. But even my colleagues at work could see me struggling with it. One day I blew up after a relatively minor call at work…
I was not doing ok.
I had been studying ketamine assisted therapy papers for months and found that Kensho offered the therapy that might be the key I needed to de-compartmentalize my stuffed trauma(s).
The warm, caring, and professional staff of Cody, Barbara and Spencer were accommodating and very informative. The comfortable and semi-clinical setting was perfect for me and I knew I was in great hands. This allowed me to relax, be clear of mind and work on the exact things that were  seriously tormenting me over the last few years; Things I couldn’t reach, or “bring up” enough to work through with other “traditional” therapies became accessible.
I have a new positive outlook. Love and gratitude are back. I’ve got a near clear palate to go forward with this new lease on life. My wife, kids, and I are forever grateful to the staff at Kensho for this opportunity to thrive.”
Chris Griffith


“I can’t thank Barbara enough for her presence in my life. Her strength, and personal experience of integration and wholeness illuminated the path of growth and healing. She has been a very potent contributor to my return to wholeness. “

name withheld for confidentiality


“I struggled with depression and PTSD for my entire life, and it seemed as though I had tried everything. My life has changed for the better since I’ve started seeing Barbara. She cares about her patients and goes above and beyond to make sure they’re getting the treatment they need. Barbara gives you the tools to cope so that you can help yourself through difficult times unlike therapy I’ve done in the past where the patients seem to become dependent on constant therapy. Don’t hesitate to be open and she will transform your life.”

name withheld for confidentiality


“Kensho Wellbeing changed the life of my husband and I when Cody, Spencer, and Barbara helped my husband work through his lifelong depression and PTSD. Sometimes, when you are the person who is emotionally supporting someone who is struggling, you don’t realize how much help you may also need yourself. Barbara helped me to see this and helped me through some of the underlying emotions and issues I didn’t realize were affecting my life. She also helped my husband and I to communicate better through difficult times, and now we have the tools to thrive going forward. I can’t recommend her enough, and the entire team at Kensho. Our lives have improved far beyond my expectations because of their care and attention.”

name withheld for confidentiality


“I drove from Reno for Ketamine treatment and was blown away by the experience. The clinic was open but very personal. I felt safe and secure and I really enjoyed the personal touches and ceremony aspects of the treatment. They care and show a commitment to mental health which I had not experienced in other treatment programs.”

name withheld for confidentiality


“I received a ketamine series for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (CRPS/RSD) from Kensho Well Being.

I have been suffering from CRPS in my left leg and ankle in excess of 20 years. Over the last five years the condition has left me disabled. I have tried many other treatments including; sympathetic spinal blocks, drugs like gabapentin (neurontin), myriad antidepressants, physical therapy, acupuncture, and biofeedback.

The ketamine treatment has had more effect than any other treatment options. Though the effect is temporary, it is palpable. I have less pain and more ability to move. The condition had left me nearly immobile for years. Even sitting in chairs created pain that lasted for hours. I now can do 15 minutes of Qigong a day (well, almost every day); a huge increase in activity. The treatment also affected my mood. I’ve been suffering from great depression for years from chronic pain and the inability to engage in daily activities. I’m no longer crying all day. I have a much more positive outlook.

The staff at Well Being IV was wonderful. Cody Sims (P.A.-C) and Sierra Campbell (RN) stayed with me throughout the entire two-hour treatment process. They helped me feel safe and cared for. They are clearly experienced and knowledgeable.

I recommend Kensho/Well Being IV for CRPS/RSD ketamine treatment.”

Name omitted for privacy


“Cody is extremely knowledgeable. He is clearly up to date with cutting edge biohacking modalities that can help maintain youth and also heal from all of the stressors imposed by the modern world.

He balances professionalism with humanity and is clearly a doctor who genuinely cares about people. He made time to come and see my girlfriend and I at home when we were sick.

His holistic approach sets him apart from most doctors I’ve met. Cody is not only qualified to diagnose illnesses, but helps people find psychotherapeutic treatments for such mental health issues as anxiety and depression and he also offers a variety of supplemental therapies to help the ill recover gracefully or to prevent illnesses from ever happening to begin with. “

Paulo,  Grass Valley CA


“Kensho Wellbeing and Cody Sims made a huge difference in the quality of life that my husband experienced as a terminal cancer patient. Dr. Sims made weekly visits to our home to treat my husband with infusions of amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. It was remarkable the marked improvement that he had in appetite and energy after each infusion. 

They had a huge impact on how he felt for days after.  In addition to improving my husband’s life, Cody showed great care in his well-being both mentally and physically. He would take blood samples and analyze what his needs were and how he could deliver the best result.  

He was kind, patient and he genuinely cared for my husband. Clearly, Cody is driven by a desire to have an impact on people’s lives for the better. A rare individual with a compassionate heart, he is determined to do his best for each and every patient he treats.”

Colleen, Incline Village CA


“Customer-focused — results-oriented — exceeds expectations — are descriptions that come to mind when I am asked about my experiences with Kensho Wellbeing. Cody and his very experienced team started by sitting down with me and listening to what issues I wanted to address. 

A comprehensive plan was presented to me in a consultative manner with no pressure to make a decision right away. Then, as I progressed through my sessions the Kensho team was very professional by continuously focusing on getting great results for me. They checked in on me in between my visits and made adjustments as my needs and schedule unexpectedly changed. 

I continue to be a client of Kensho and have recommended Kensho to family, friends, and colleagues. I’m confident that the Kensho team will provide the same great service and results that I have received.”

Joseph, Truckee CA


“My husband and I have been visiting naturopaths for over a decade. Rare to come across someone with over a decade of emergency medicine experience. Dr. Cody really opened our eyes to some of the latest innovations in naturopathic medicine. Highest recommendation. We look forward to our next visit!”

London, Ben Lomond CA


“To anyone who is suffering from mental illness and seeking ketamine treatment, this is a wonderful place for it. I had previously received treatment elsewhere, but I was dissatisfied with the outcome and found the experience overly clinical and somewhat impersonal. This was not the case at Kensho Wellbeing. I was treated both personally and medically as a unique individual and a human being. The staff was professional and compassionate. Cody Sims (P.A.-C) and Sierra Campbell (RN) in particular were wonderful. They both believe in the work they’re doing and genuinely care about their patients.

As anyone who’s received ketamine treatments knows, your experience is influenced by the environment you’re in. Cold and clinical is not what you want. Fortunately, the staff is aware of this and makes sure to provide a comfortable, safe environment for their patients. Treatments are done in a private room with a comfortable chair. The lighting is adjusted to your preference and you can even bring your own music. The clinic itself is located in historic downtown Truckee, surrounded by a relaxing landscape of mountains and trees.

I’m writing this review because if you’ve been under mental health treatment for any length of time, you’re probably aware that good providers can be hard to find. So when we find some of the good ones, it’s important that we let each other know. And the staff here are some of the good ones.”

Steve, Carmichael CA


“Cody is awesome! When I needed to get a Covid test, he was available, helpful and personable. The testing was easy. Cody met me at my car and the procedure was fast and easy, the results came quickly. I look forward to investigating the infusions he has to offer.”



“I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write a review, it was such a wonderful experience! I’ve been struggling with mental illness for almost 10 years now, it started when the kids were born.

Since it started I’ve been trying everything between hypnosis, antidepressants, therapy and acupuncture.

I finally realized how long I’ve been struggling (and how quick the kiddos grow!) and decided to try something totally new and different, the ketamine treatment.

These 5 sessions changed my life! I feel like I’m living in my heart instead of my head. I can finally wake up in the morning and see the beauty in my life, I feel like I found myself.

Cody and Sierra are amazing! They instantly made me feel like I was taken care of, they always made sure I was comfortable and next to me during this new experience.

Changing lights, music, temperature, and some touch and words when I needed to feel grounded and safe.

I can’t imagine doing these sessions without their support, thinking back makes me feel so lucky and grateful I found them.

If you’re not sure if this is right for you, give them a call and set up a consultation, it never hurts to get more information, and they have a lot!

I am moving soon and will travel back to Truckee if I need a booster!

Thank you Cody and Sierra!”



“I’ve been getting IV infusions from Kensho for the last six months or so, and I can’t say enough good things about the place. They are extremely knowledgeable about overall well-being and have something for everyone. I’m getting NAD and other supplements for IRONMAN and other endurance events, and I feel great. 

Cody and crew are amazing and can literally help anyone interested in improving their overall health whether it’s mental, physical, or emotional. Get in there and then get out and play hard!”



“I had been interested in undergoing ketamine therapy for some time and fortunately my girlfriend heard a radio ad for Wellbeing Ketamine (prior name) I am so glad that we called. Cody and Sierra were my guides for this journey and I could not have chosen a better team to support me. They are both incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, present, experienced, kind, competent, and professional. 

They take their time to create a peaceful and calm environment and then remain there with you every step of the way through words, touch, or with additional medication/treatment if needed.

If you struggle with brain difficulties and have not benefited from more traditional modalities then I greatly encourage you to reach out to Kensho Well-being.”



“I have received a series of ketamine infusions from Kensho and found Cody and Sierra to be incredible guides through this process.  They have listened to my needs and tailored the treatment accordingly.  Cody has generously offered the sliding scale rate to me when payment has been a problem.   This has allowed me access to treatment and therapy during difficult times.  This generosity shows the commitment to their patients that I appreciate so much.  This clinic is not an assembly line style treatment center but rather focuses on the individual.  The care they exhibit for their patients sets them apart from other infusion clinics. “