BASIC Check Up

The most common set of comprehensive panels ordered during most annual physicals.

Essential Lipids

Measure of fats and cholesterol in the blood:

  • HDL – a measure of healthy cholesterol in the blood; it helps decrease the amount of LDL
  • LDL – high levels of LDL can lead to cardiovascular disease and clogging of vessels, putting you more at risk for heart attack and stroke
  • Total Cholesterol – HDL + LDL
  • Triglycerides – measured fat in the blood; in high amounts, it can deposit in the vessels contributing to vascular disease

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Detailed assessment of the fundamentals of your blood cells. This test helps identify anemia and total white blood cell count.

Thyroid Panel and Blood Sugar

  • TSH – measure of thyroid stimulation from the brain
  • Glucose – chief metric measured to check for diabetes

Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP)

Evaluates basic essential electrolytes, kidney, and liver health.


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