In-Home Concierge Medicine

...He also offers a variety of supplemental therapies to help the ill recover gracefully or to prevent illnesses from ever happening to begin with.

Paolo Campo, Grass Valley

Cody is not only qualified to diagnose illnesses, but helps people find psychotherapeutic treatments for such mental health issues as anxiety and depression...

Paolo Campo, Grass Valley

At Kensho Well-being, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive compassionate care for individuals and families for in home medical services.

We operate a full service concierge medical practice directed by a board certified emergency physician and PA with two decades of combined experience.

Our scope of practice is broad including in-home urgent care and family medicine with the option for specialty referrals.

We also offer in-home supportive care for chronic illness and oncology support services.

We also offer complete in home laboratory testing including Covid screening.

In addition to all of our IV and medical therapies our home services include:

  • Wound evaluations, laceration repairs, minor skin procedures.
  • In home laboratory draws and hormone testing
  • New prescriptions and prescription medication management with home delivery
  • Sports injuries and orthopedic referrals
  • Sick child visits
  • Mental wellness visits
  • Wellness and nutritional coaching
  • Pain management
  • Annual Physicals
  • Migraine Therapies