COMPREHENSIVE Wellness Testing

A comprehensive plan was presented to me in a consultative manner with no pressure to make a decision right away...

Joseph, Truckee CA

Then, as I progressed through my sessions the Kensho team was very professional by continuously focusing on getting great results for me!

Joseph, Truckee CA

Go beyond the normal doctor’s office test with a quantifiable and easily repeatable health optimization profile. We recommend, after establishing your biomarker baseline, to have this test repeated every 12 weeks. Often the traditional doctor’s office does not have the time to look at personalized trends within your blood to identify trends over time that could help you in the years to come. We believe that your health monitoring is more than a set of statistics, and we want to work with you so you can understand exactly what the blood panel tells us.

This panel includes the BASIC Check Up plus:

Advanced Cholesterol

HDL, LDL, Total Cholesterol and Triglycerides plus:

  • Lipoprotein A – Elevations in Lp(a) are associated with heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, and stroke
  • ApoB – A protein used to help with lipid processing; high levels of ApoB have a strong correlation to heart disease


C Reactive Protein – Generalized inflammatory marker that may indicate an increased risk for arterial plaque formation.

Thyroid and Blood Sugar

HbA1C – gives a 3-month valuation of blood sugar control.  This test looks at red blood cells and the glycosylation of the sugar on the surface of the cell.  This is an in-depth test to check for diabetes. The higher an A1C value, the poorer blood sugar control you have. When caught early there is a wide variety of healthy life alternatives that can aid in dealing with this condition.

Liver and Kidney Panel

  • AST/ALT – Liver function tests
  • Total Bilirubin – Byproduct of red blood cell breakdown
  • BUN/Creatinine – Chief metric of kidney function
  • Albumin – Main blood protein produced in the liver that helps regulate oncotic pressure

Nutrient Panel

  • Vitamin D – Over half of Americans have deficiencies in Vitamin D, which is necessary for absorption of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate from the diet; Calcium synthesis is necessary for strong bones, muscular function, and nerve transmission; Vitamin D is gained from sunlight as well as the diet
  • Calcium – Essential for bone strength and muscle function
  • Electrolytes – Potassium, Chloride, and Sodium
  • Bicarbonate – Responsible for acid/base balance


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