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For athletes looking for the ultimate pre-workout boost. Living at altitude typically means we play hard, want to recover as fast as possible, make gains, and are chronically dehydrated. This action-oriented IV super-boost, created by our medical team for mountain athletes who are looking to optimize their bio-levels. IV delivery allows the body to absorb all nutrients without any of your natural filters charging a toll.  As with all our offerings, this blend ticks numerous boxes and is also solid for those seeking to hydrate, recover, and improve performance at altitude. Partner this with the extensive lab tests we offer and grow your mountain athlete capital with scientific insight into your body’s nutrient needs.


NAD+ is the shortened name of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It’s a chemical compound used by every cell in your body. It has been shown to decrease one’s effective age. NAD + is a wonderful addition to any treatment and a great stand-alone therapy that benefits tremendously from consistency. It can boost mental and physical energy, help optimize your metabolism, repair DNA, and enhance cognitive health effectively turning the clock back in terms of age-related mental decay.

Lactated Ringers Solution

IV hydration capabilities that aren’t possible by drinking fluids alone with Lactated Ringers solution.

B12 + B Vitamin Complex (1235,6)

  • Increases formation of myelin
  • Reduces homocysteine
  • Increases replication of DNA
  • Promotes hormonal efficiency
  • Produces red blood cells
  • Prevents auto-immune diseases in certain populations

IV Taurine

The biggest gains from Taurine come from improving mental function and calming the nervous system. Taurine helps prevent cardiovascular disease by lowering cholesterol and reducing blood pressure. Taurine also aids in preventing hearing loss and improving vision. 

Electrolyte, Glucose, Potassium, and Calcium

Pre-loading is all the craze and it works! We have a special blend of magnesium, calcium, glucose, and potassium to optimize the pre-race nutrition state. These crucial electrolytes play critical roles in muscle function, contraction, and relaxation. These minerals work together to ensure muscles are functioning properly. Most athletes will have some form of magnesium deficiency but the majority will never realize it unless they get a specific test done. Loading up on these minerals prior to racing may even help prevent the onset of muscle cramps. 


Magnesium aids in nerve transmission, muscle contraction, boosts the function of red blood cells, energy production, overall metabolism, and cell formation.

Oxygen Therapy

Essential to the brain, skin, blood, heart, and all energy production. 02 get into it!


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ADD-ONS – $30 Each


  • BCCA- branched-chain amino acids
  • Glutathione
  • Vitamin D3
  • Toradol