Altitude and Pre-Party

Getting ready for a celebration or a big day in the mountains? Assist your body’s ability to adjust to the thinner atmosphere associated with mountain living and recover faster with IV hydration. If the party’s already over and you’re feeling the aftereffects of a big night out, check out our proprietary hangover cure.

B12 + B Vitamin Complex (1235,6)

These important vitamins increase the formation of myelin, reduce homocysteine, increase replication of DNA, promote hormonal efficiency, produce red blood cells, and prevent auto-immune diseases in certain populations. Additionally, Vitamin B complex supports good eye and cardiovascular health, digestion, muscle tone, and energy enhancement.


Magnesium aids in nerve transmission, muscle contraction, boosts the function of red blood cells, energy production, overall metabolism, and cell formation.

IV Hydration

When you receive IV hydration, the effects begin immediately. Unlike drinking water, IV fluids provide a direct influx of fluids and nutrients which flush out harmful toxins and restore your body’s health. Whether you’re feeling the effects of being at altitude or one too many drinks, combating dehydration has never been easier.


This naturally occurring antioxidant combats free radicals which are molecules that can cause oxidative stress and ultimately lead to heart disease, cancer, arthritis, strokes, and more. It combats psoriasis, improves insulin resistance in older individuals, and can reduce respiratory disease symptoms.


NAD+ is the shortened name of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It’s a chemical compound used by every cell in your body. It has been shown to decrease one’s effective age. NAD + is a wonderful addition to any treatment and a great stand-alone therapy that benefits tremendously from consistency. It can boost mental and physical energy, help optimize your metabolism, repair DNA, and enhance cognitive health effectively turning the clock back in terms of age-related mental decay.


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